Crafting Enterprise for Craftspace December 30, 2016 17:30

I've recently been working with a lovely group of year 8 students from the Bluecoat CofE School in Coventry on a project called 'Crafting Enterprise' as part of the Made in the Middle Exhibition curated by Craftspace. 

The students are about to take their GCSE options and the aim of the project was to show the great diversity of careers and skills that pursuing creative education options can offer. With the support of project co-ordinator, Helen Tomkins, the students will complete their bronze Arts Award through the work done during this project. 

As lead artist, my role was to offer taster sessions in metalworking, textiles and photoshop. The students and I worked together to gather primary research, apply their new skills and develop products which the students then sold at Making Merry, a craft fair at the Herbert Gallery in Coventry. 

I'm exceptionally proud of what the students created and would like to share this wonderful film made by Jam AV....

Made in the Middle November 21, 2016 14:40

We're Here Because We're Here August 01, 2016 00:00


You may remember earlier this year, groups of World War One soldiers appearing in silent groups in stations and city centres around the country. 

This impactful and moving occurrence was a project created by Jeremy Deller and 1418 Now to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. 

I worked as Costume Supervisor for the North West Element of the project, wth the lovely team from the Royal Exchange in Manchester. 

The project was enormously challenging but also massively rewarding and unusual. The entire project had to be kept secret before the event in July so I'm very happy to be able to shout about it now!


House of Coco feature April 12, 2015 09:10

'Attachments' Continued Collective's first exhibition opening in Munich... March 09, 2015 10:26

I'm absolutely delighted (with an undercurrent of new-work-nerves!) to announce that Continued Collective have will be presenting our first group exhibition in Munich, opening this Wednesday (11.03.2015) at 3pm. 

'Attachments' has been curated by the wonderful Amy Peace Buzzard and will be a 24-hour window exhibition running until 11.04.2015, aimed at bringing contemporary jewellery to a wider audience and expressing the breadth of our often little known field of the arts!

Graduate Exhibition June 11, 2014 00:00

Explore. Enchant. Emerge.

An exhibition of artful jewellery and objects.

The latest crop of talented graduates from Birmingham’s prestigious School of Jewellery welcome you to be immersed in the exciting world of contemporary jewellery and object to discover all that this insightful, inspiring and innovative field of the arts has to offer.

The Graduate Show 2014 will exhibit the delightfully diverse collections by the graduates of BA (hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing* and will run from Monday 9 th June to Saturday 14 th June in the Exhibition Hall at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham.

The show is a culmination of three intensive and formative years of training under the guidance of world-renowned contemporary jewellers and as such is a fabulous chance to see the next generation of jewellery artists as they take their firsts steps into the field.

The show seeks to stimulate intrigue, challenge perceptions of adornment and captivate each viewer with the wealth of different meanings, materials and aesthetic styles on display.

 “The diverse mix of nationalities has enabled this year’s graduates to cross cultural frontiers to generate new thinking. This results in a visual feast of fresh ideas across the spectrum of jewellery design and related products. We look forward to welcoming you to the School of Jewellery.” Zoe Robertson, Course Director

An Industry Evening, with prize-giving ceremony is to be held on Tuesday 10 th June, followed by a friends and family Private View Evening on Saturday 14 th . Both of the evening events will offer the chance to meet the artists, all of whom would be delighted to talk about their work and give a personal perspective; and should any of the pieces prove captivating enough to keep, the opportunity to purchase or commission pieces will be available!

Among the group many members have already received notable accolades for their work, including two graduates attaining bursaries from the esteemed Goldsmiths Company and a number of graduates being selected to represent The School of Jewellery at the New Designers exhibition at the Business Design Centre in London from 25 th -28 th June.

To find out more about these rising stars and their progress please follow us online via these links:


Instagram: @jewelleryfutures2014


Twitter: @BRAND_newdesign

Individual contact details and website links are also available on the Jewellery Futures website.

For further information about the School of Jewellery please visit   and for information about the course

 * Course title has now changed to BA (Hons) Jewellery Design & Related Products.

Suspend.ed In Pink Review June 24, 2013 00:00

Review published in Findings Magazine; Spring 2013.

Suspend.ed In Pink

One of the luxuries of studying at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham is the regular exposure students receive to inspiring and challenging exhibitions. A boon clearly displayed by Suspend.ed in Pink, shown at the school in January.

This exhibition presents a dynamic and absorbing slice of the current world of contemporary jewellery, not just through the variety and calibre of work featured, but through the engaging method of display. 

Each piece is shown suspended, affording an often longed for opportunity to works without the barrier of a glass cabinet.

The primary drive behind the exhibition was to showcase a diverse range of work from worldwide artists. In suggesting a single colour as the theme, Laura hoped to allow for a cohesive collection without dictating the style of work. Pink was chosen both arbitrarily and deliberately, a colour for colours sake, but one with a variety of positive and negative connotations to explore.

The 43 artists featured in the exhibition were selected by jury from a clamour of international responses to an open call for submissions. One of the joys of this exhibition is this democratic approach as it promotes a vast range within the pieces and shows work from established and renowned jewellers alongside newly emerging names.

All visitors will surely find something that delights them in the diverse interpretations of pink. Pink becomes aesthetic eye-catcher, social commentary and even conceptual persona.

The delicate thread and sliver necklace ‘Ephemeral’ by Lital Mendel, is an exquisitely fragile piece formed from a single layer of wound thread that could crumple on touch. It asks the viewer to question the societies rejection of the imperfect and appreciate each moment for what it brings.

If your preference is more large-scale try Claire McArdle’s ‘The (kanga)Roo’, a huge kangaroo head made from fluorescent pink leather that questions the Australian identity.

The interpretation of the colour is as wonderfully varied as the scale and range of materials. In Iris Eichenberg’s ‘Bend’, the pink takes on subtlety to become tactile, probing flesh at once enticing and unsettling; yet in the ‘Bird and Flower Crystal Cuff’ by Kate Rohde, natural history decorative arts to transform pink into sumptuous, ornate frivolity.

A raffle is running alongside the exhibition to enhance audience engagement with the work. A piece from the show has been pre-selected as the prize and the winner will be drawn after the final date.

Suspend.ed in Pink showed at Birmingham School of Jewellery in January, Schmuck in March and will be at Heidi Lowe Gallery, DE USA from 11th August to 8th September. Check the blog for further details or to buy the beautiful exhibition catalogue, or a raffle ticket: